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Endicia helps the Birthday Company take the guesswork out of shipping

“Endicia has taken the guess work out of shipping, saving us countless hours per week and helping me to keep a close watch on shipping costs, which accounts for about 30% of our operating budget. Plus, their customer service is second to none.”

Dave Chasse

The Birthday Company Founder

The Birthday Company
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The Birthday Company

The Birthday Company’s Need 

Located in Coralville, Iowa, the Birthday Company is a fulfillment service specializing in customer appreciation gifts and greeting cards. The Birthday Company automatically sends personalized Birthday and other holiday cards and gifts to their clients' customer database. Depending on what level of service they sign up for, their customers will be sent personalized birthday cards and gifts such as specialty candy or even Starbucks Gift Cards. And best of all - shipping is included in the price for everything that Dave offers.

When The Birthday Company was just getting off the ground, Dave would drive to the post office, purchase stamps and apply them to all his shipments. For his packages he would have to use multiple stamps. The USPS only makes stamps in a few denominations, so Dave often overpaid for postage. Moreover, putting multiple stamps on packages for his clients' customers looked somewhat unprofessional.

Endicia’s Solution

The postmaster at his local post office suggested he look into printing his postage online. He called Endicia and discovered he could use his preferred post office with an Endicia account. He decided to sign up for an Endicia Standard Account at the annual billing plan of $99.95 per year.

He strictly uses Endicia's DYMO Printable Postage software and labels. The fulfillment process that he originally used is still in place, except now he prints his own stamps in any denomination he chooses. He doesn't have to buy stamps at the post office and no longer overpays for postage.

The Birthday Company routinely ships just a few different sized packages. A small box of candy goes First Class Parcel and a larger box goes Priority. Dave already knows the weight and postage needed for these packages so he prints out DYMO Printable Postage labels ahead of time in batches. Since DYMO Printable Postage is not date sensitive, he can have them on hand and ready for fulfillment anytime.

Dave orders DYMO Printable Postage stamp sheets in bulk from and prints them on his Epson InkJet printer. They come out looking much more professional than multiple stamps. Currently they are shipping over 700 packages per week. He's now looking to save even more time on fulfillment by using USPS' free package pickup service.

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