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Endicia’s Auto-Refund Service™ (ARS) means you no longer need to lose money on unused shipping labels, or spend your valuable time requesting refunds from the U.S. Postal Service® for unused postage.

ARS automatically identifies shipping labels from your account that may be eligible for electronic refunds and submits a refund request to the U.S. Postal Service on your behalf.

Endicia’s Auto-Refund Service Features include:

  • Automated label identification
    ARS identifies potential refund-eligible labels.
  • Automated refund requests
    ARS submits refund requests on your behalf.
  • Automated refund processing
    USPS authorized refunds are automatically deposited into your Endicia postage account.
  • Reporting
    ARS refunds are visible in the Refund Request History report on your Endicia account pages. Auto-Refund Service Fee reports show ARS fees charged.*

To sign up for ARS:

  • Sign in to your Endicia account or go to your account pages through your software client
  • Under “Update Profile” select “Auto-Refund Service”
    • Accept Auto-Refund Service Terms & Conditions
    • Provide the email address(s) where ARS should send the refund notifications
    • Select whether you want daily or weekly notification of refunds processed
    • Click “Submit”

    * Endicia will charge a service fee based on the amount refunded by USPS for each refund request initiated by ARS. Fees will be automatically debited to your payment method on file for Endicia service fees. Only refunds processed using ARS will be charged a fee. You may still use the normal manual refund process at no additional cost. For details, view Auto-Refund Service Terms & Conditions.


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