Addendum to Endicia Terms and Conditions: Endicia Auto-Refund Service

Service Description

Endicia Auto-Refund Service (“ARS”) enables qualified Endicia customers to automate the following activities: identifying labels that may be potentially eligible for postage refunds, submitting refund requests on behalf of the customer, and updating the customer’s postage balance once processed refunds are received by Endicia. The following terms and conditions supplement Endicia’s standard terms and conditions, and you (“Customer”) hereby agree to be additionally bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein, and any subsequent modifications, by proceeding or continuing use of the ARS product. Notwithstanding the acceptance of these terms and conditions, Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that all original shipping label transactions are subject to all original terms and conditions under which the original transactions were printed, which can be found here: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, should anything herein conflict with any original terms and conditions, such original terms and conditions shall control and any conflict be resolved in favor of such original terms and conditions.

Qualified Labels

Labels for domestic mail whose labels include any form of the IMpb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode representing tracking numbers which begins with a “9”) generated by the Endicia platform, subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion, will be processed by ARS. Labels for the following transaction types will not be included in ARS, subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion: labels with no postage value, labels with $0 postage value, and international labels. On a daily basis, ARS will identify refund eligible labels as any label that was printed on the date that is 29 days prior to the date the ARS service is run and which does not have any corresponding operational scan event.

Not all labels eligible for refunds may be identified by the ARS service, and Customer hereby releases Endicia from any responsibility, any liability, or any causes of action arising out of or related to any refund eligible labels not identified by ARS. Additionally, it is possible that some labels identified by ARS and sent for refund requests may not be eligible for refunds or otherwise a refund declined. The processing of refunds and decisions related thereto are made at the sole discretion of the United States Postal Service (“USPS”). As a result, some refund requests may not be processed or honored by USPS.

Qualified Accounts

Access to ARS requires Customer to be subscribed to a qualified Endicia service plan or have a signed Endicia Label Server agreement with a valid payment method on file for paying Endicia fees and an active status. Subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion, qualified service plans include Endicia Premium, Endicia for Mac, Endicia Professional and Endicia Platinum Shipper.

The following types of Endicia accounts are not eligible for ARS, subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion: (a) accounts using U.S. Postal Service Official Mail Accounting System (“OMAS”), or Bill on Scan; (b) accounts that fall under an Electronic Verification System (“e-VS”), or Scan-Based Payment account type; and (c) accounts using labels that are postmarked seven days out or with a no-date service.

Refund Authorization

By agreeing to these terms, Customer hereby authorizes Endicia to submit refund requests on behalf of Customer to USPS for any and all labels identified by ARS as being potentially eligible for refunds without further instruction from Customer. Customer hereby releases Endicia from any responsibility, any liability, or any causes of action arising out of or related to improper refund requests submitted by Endicia on behalf of Customer, including but not limited to refund eligible labels that were not identified by ARS or refund requests that were denied upon submission. It remains Customer’s sole responsibility to identify any labels that have not been automatically identified and submitted on behalf of Customer via ARS.


Customer hereby agrees to pay 20% of the refund amounts received by Customer after processed by USPS, unless a different rate is shown on Customer’s Endicia Auto-Refund Service page, which is accessible by logging into the customer’s Account page at Customer may opt-out of the ARS program at any time by going to the Endicia Auto-Refund Service page. However, after opt-out, Customer shall pay any ARS refund requests that are processed or in-process prior to opting-out.

Only refund requests that have been submitted via Endicia’s Auto-Refund Service and approved by the USPS will be charged the above stated service fee.


Customer hereby agrees that Endicia will automatically debit Customer’s payment method on file for paying Endicia service fees. Customer can view the payment method on file, and make any changes as permitted on the Account Profile page, by logging into the customer’s Account page at

It remains Customer’s obligation to ensure the payment method and contact information are current and valid at all times. Non-payment of ARS fees will place the account into delinquent status and collections will be processed as specified in Endicia shall be entitled to disable ARS functionality at its sole discretion for any customer delinquent account.

Change in Billing, Prices, Promotions and Policies

Endicia may change billing procedures, prices, promotions and/or policies relating to the ARS service at any time without advance notice. All such changes will be emailed or otherwise communicated in writing to applicable ARS Customers.