DAZzle Express

Presort Mail for Small Businesses

Optimize your bulk mailings with the lowest postage cost possible!

Price: $295 for the first year

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Endicia Dazzle DAZzle Express

DAZzle Express saves you time by simplifying the bulk mailing process, while giving you access to discounted Presort mail rates.

Optimize Mailings

Presort your Standard Mail and First-Class automation letters and postcards to get the lowest possible postage rate, including nonprofit letter rates. CASS certification of your address list also reduces misdirected mail.

Enjoy the Flexibility

Presort mailings can be complicated. DAZzle Express features a wizard interface that guides you through some basic steps and makes the entire process easy! Import addresses from your list, quickly validate each address online for no additional cost, and identify the appropriate presort rates for your mailing. Then print visually appealing mail pieces for improved response rates in the correct presort order. DAZzle Express even automates required postage forms PS3600 and PS3602.

Keep it Simple

DAZzle Express is perfect for occasional mailers that send at least 5,000 bulk mail pieces per year. There is no special printer or hardware required to use DAZzle Express. The software also supports nearly all label, envelope, and postcard sizes and types.

Postal Regulation Compliance

DAZzle Express supports the Intelligent Mail® barcode and offers an optional Move Update service to meet U.S. Postal Service® bulk mailing requirements. The software also prints the appropriate tray labels needed to induct a presort mailing.

  • Annual Maintenance Fee

    DAZzle Express software costs $295 for one year. After the first year, an annual maintenance fee of $195 applies.

  • U.S. Postal Service Bulk Mail Permit

    A USPS bulk mailing permit is required to receive presort mail discounts. Presort mail postage must be paid using this permit. For additional information visit www.usps.com/businessmail101.

  • Move Update

    USPS Move Update standards require that mailing lists must be validated by an approved method, such as Endicia’s NCOA tool, a minimum of 95 days prior to the date of mailing to qualify for discounts.
  • Supported Address Lists

    DAZzle Express supports address lists imported in the following file formats: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Tab, Comma or XML.

  • System Requirements

    • Microsoft Office 2000 or Office XP
    • 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended) with 10 MB of disk space
    • Windows®-based products support:
      Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or higher)
      Windows Vista
      Windows 7
    • An active internet connection

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