Issue 114, August 2017

Increase Shipping Accuracy with SCAN

scan packagesShipment Confirmation Acceptance Notification, or SCAN, enables you to streamline USPS processing and easily provide proof of shipment to your customers. This feature is available at no additional cost to Endicia customers. Our new article explains SCAN and how it can help you lower operational costs and increase shipping accuracy.

Introducing the USPS Automated Package Verification system

shipping packageThe USPS is changing the way they handle underpaid and overpaid postage amounts for packages. Starting August 15, the USPS will use its new Automated Package Verification (APV) system to streamline how postage is verified on packages. This article explains the new system and the adjustment process that will occur if package characteristics entered when printing a label don’t match APV assessed characteristics.

Updated Terms and Conditions

Endicia now has updated Terms and Conditions. In order to avoid any possible disruption of service, please visit and log into your Endicia account. Accepting these new terms ensures that your ability to print postage is not interrupted.

Some important changes include:

  • Mandatory changes from the U.S. Postal Service related to the new USPS Automated Package Verification (APV) system
  • Support for upcoming features, such as pay-on-use labels
  • Future improvements related to refunds
  • Other updates covering a number of new programs