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Endicia’s PictureItPostage® — Icing on the Cake for Twig & Fig’s Couture Event Stationery

“Twig & Fig clients come to us for our unique approach to luxury event stationery. Every last detail is attended to, so their invitations are completely couture; all the way down to custom stamps from our postage vendor of choice, PictureItPostage.”

Suzie McKig

Twig & Fig Creative Director

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Twig & Fig invitation and PictureItPostage stamp

Twig & Fig’s Need for Quality Postage Stamps

Since sprouting in 2004, Twig & Fig – the niche business of Suzie McKig and Serge Vigeant – has delivered a unique design experience through its couture stationery. With a passion for texture, unexpected materials, vintage print methods and fine craftsmanship, Suzie (Twig) and Serge (Fig) work intimately with a wide array of stationery clients and retailers across the United States and abroad.

At the onset of their business, Suzie and Serge were frustrated to find that there were no options for custom postage stamps. After carefully crafting gorgeous high-end event invitations, customers would have no choice but to put everyday common postage on their envelopes.

Twig & Fig searched high and low for a postage option that would underline the design suites they worked so hard to achieve. They really wanted to offer their clients a complete look that was consistent both inside and out of the envelope.

Endicia’s PictureItPostage® Delivers Dreams

Twig & Fig found an answer to their postage dreams in Endicia’s PictureItPostage, a custom stamp-printing service that offers customers both a time-efficient and creative solution to postage stamps.

With stand-out features such as thick quality paper, crisp printing and two stamp sizes, PictureItPostage meets Twig & Fig’s design demands and allows them to deliver custom postage befitting the high-end nature of their stationery.

In addition to Endicia’s feature-rich software, Twig & Fig is impressed with Endicia’s personal customer support. As Suzie says, “The Endicia team understands the demands of the stationery design world and its short deadlines. They fulfill each and every customized stamp order so quickly, oftentimes the next day.” Additionally, the Endicia team is personally attentive to Suzie’s team and her clients’ needs, offering stamp values for the numerous letter sizes and weights.

Since its early years, Twig & Fig has grown more than 500 percent, due mainly to its fully custom approach to invitation design. Suzie is grateful that PictureItPostage has been a supportive design partner to Twig & Fig, allowing it to deliver the high level of personalization that its customers appreciate and demand.

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