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Create a SCAN Form

The Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) form consolidates a day's trackable shipments onto one barcoded form that the USPS representative scans when the USPS physically accepts your daily shipments. The SCAN form eliminates the need for the USPS to scan each shipping label, which could otherwise amount to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of separate scans. For more information, see About the SCAN Form.


  1. Select the Postage Log tab.
  2. Select Actions > Print SCAN Form.

    The system logs you in to your online account and displays the SCAN Form.

  3. Review each item on the list:
  4. Exclude any item by clearing the check box by that item.
  5. Click Continue SCAN Request.
  6. Print the form: Select File > Print.

    When a USPS representative picks up your packages—or you deliver the packages to your local Post Office—the USPS representative scans the barcode on the form.



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