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Request a Refund for Late-Delivered Priority Mail Express Packages

Endicia cannot process postage refunds for postage that has been canceled by the Post Office. You must contact your local Post Office for a refund based on USPS Priority Mail Express delivery delays. You must file the claim directly with the Postal Service.

You need the following printouts:


  1. From your application Postage Log on the same PC from which you printed the label, print a postage receipt to show the postage charge, ship-to address, and print date of the mailpiece:
    1. In DAZzle, select the Postage Log tab.
    2. Find and select the Priority Mail Express mailpiece for which you are requesting a refund.
    3. Select Actions > Print Record.
    4. Print this receipt record to a laser or inkjet printer on regular letter-size printing paper.
  2. Go to USPS Tracking and enter your package ExxxxxxxxxxUS tracking number.
  3. Print the status that shows when the package was delivered.
  4. Contact any Post Office for PS Form 3533. Note that every copy of this form has a unique barcode, so the form is not available online. Do not make photocopies of the blank form; always get a new form from the Post Office for each refund.

  5. Follow the USPS procedures for filing a claim against the Priority Mail Express service.

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