“4 Biggest Myths About Selling Abroad” on Multichannel Merchant


By Amine Khechfé

International selling may look frightening at first glance, but ultimately, the opportunity outweighs the risk. By knowing what's true and what's false about expanding abroad, you're better equipped to enter the global market with confidence and ease.

Here's the truth: selling internationally isn't half as scary or complicated as some think, and can open up a significant additional revenue stream. This is especially true when your home economy isn't doing so well. And with the Internet making it increasingly easy for ecommerce businesses to find an audience, becoming a global powerhouse is literally a “hop, skip and a jump” away.

For all those still on the fence about expanding your business abroad, here are the top four myths about international selling debunked (and a few reasons to put those unfounded fears to rest).

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