“Ecommerce Businesses Beware: Trade Restrictions Impact International Shipping & Selling to Argentina” on The Savvy Shipper


By Shea Felix

Argentina may be known for its tango and fĂștbol, but when it comes to international ecommerce, it's got a different kind of reputation. That's because last year, Argentina began applying tighter restrictions on cross-border trade, impacting all online businesses looking to sell internationally.

What are Argentina's restrictions? For one, its citizens are limited to two purchases per year from foreign ecommerce sites. Additionally, they are only able to buy $25 worth of goods from these sites each year.

Any Argentine consumers looking to purchase more than this amount will need to register with the government as importers and submit a sworn declaration to the tax agency before they can receive shipments. They also need to pay a 50 percent import tax on items purchased and pick up shipments directly from the customs office instead of having them delivered to their homes.

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