“A Podcast for Shipping Geeks: Dymo Endicia's Vivian Li Talks Shop” on EcommerceBytes.com


By Ina Steiner

Quick, if you're sending a 9 ounce package to zone 8, which is cheaper, First Class Package Service or First Class Mail Parcel? If you're interested in the answer, you are probably an online seller!

Vivian Li is Brand Manager for Shipping Products at DYMO Endicia, which provides shipping solutions and online postage services. She spent some time with EcommerceBytes Editor Ina Steiner recently to talk about ways online sellers could save money, from the basics of online postage to the intricacies of comparing different USPS products.

Li explains the difference between USPS "Retail" pricing and "Commercial Base" pricing and what merchants have to do to get lower Commercial Base pricing. She also discusses the changes to Parcel Selecct this year and who can use it.


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