“Thinking Forward, an online resource helping business owners by DYMO Endicia” on Entrepreneur Podcast Network


Vivian Li, the Brand Manager for Shipping Products at DYMO Endicia joins eCommerce Radio to discuss why DYMO Endicia wanted to start an online resource in Thinking Forward to help other business owners move their businesses forward.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Vivian Li discuss the following:

  • Thinking Forward is a new online resource that gives Web-based small business owners and online sellers access to tips, expertise and content that will help move their businesses forward. Tell us more about the types of content and topics business owners can learn about on the site.
  • DYMO Endicia has partnered with two leading ecommerce experts, Marsha Collier and John Lawson, to provide content for Thinking Forward. Explain their involvement in more detail.
  • Why did DYMO Endicia want to start an online resource to help other business owners move their businesses forward?
  • For those who haven't had a chance to listen to our previous interview, tell us more about DYMO Endicia and its services. What benefits do you offer small business owners?

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