A message from Amine Khechfé regarding
DYMO Stamps

Dear DYMO Stamps Users,

Thank you for all of your messages. I know some of you have experienced dissatisfaction regarding our policy for our no-monthly-fee DYMO Stamps® service. I honestly appreciate your feedback and want to take this opportunity to respond to and provide clarification for some of your comments.

Before I get to your specific comments, I want to say that the reality is that it is impossible for us to afford to offer a no-monthly-fee plan to our customers who use generic labels. We are the only company to offer a no-monthly-fee plan – every other company offering postage has a monthly fee and they normally start at $15.99 or so.

When we designed the no-monthly-fee plan it was our intention that these customers would use genuine DYMO Stamps labels as a part of using our no-monthly-fee service. This is the only source of income we receive to support the no-monthly-fee service, its software, and all the improvements, innovations, maintenance and support we do for it.

Now to address your specific comments:

A lot of your comments have been about USPS-approved versus generic labels. One specific comment said, “In one breath you say DYMO labels are USPS approved and in the next breath you say generic labels are fine…”

In our email correspondence informing you of the enforcement of the activation code requirement, we said that DYMO brand labels are the only USPS approved labels that are also approved and supported by Endicia for use with our no-monthly-fee DYMO Stamps service. The use of genuine DYMO Stamps labels is part of the system requirements of the no-monthly-fee plan. If you wish to use third-party labels, you may do so with one of our monthly-fee service plans (Endicia Standard or higher), which start at $9.95 per month.

We’ve also heard a lot of comments about our “change of policy”. The policy has not changed. During installation of the DYMO Stamps software, it states that DYMO Stamps labels, rolls, or sheets are required. By completing the sign-up process and using the service, you agreed to these terms. Now in order to afford to continue to offer a no-monthly-fee option, we must implement the use of activation codes to reinforce the use of genuine DYMO Stamps labels with the no-monthly-fee DYMO Stamps service.

With Endicia you do have options. While you are under no obligation to continue using Endicia services - we would love to keep you as a customer and hope you do understand – we do provide you with choices that we hope will meet your needs.

  • You may continue using the no-monthly-fee DYMO Stamps service and purchase genuine DYMO Stamps labels (30915).
  • Or, if you wish to use third party labels you may sign up for one of our monthly-fee service plans (Endicia Standard or higher), which start at $9.95 per month and of course add a ton of other options.

I hope that you understand our position and will continue to use the DYMO Stamps service. But, if our service options do not work for you and you choose to close your account, we will accept your decision. You can close your account online and all unused postage will be refunded to the credit card on file. And, if you own a DYMO printer, keep in mind that it can be used with competitive services.

Amine Khechfe
General Manager and Co-Founder, Endicia