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Partner Since: May 2012

Platform: Other

ShipForce provides the tools required to build and manage shipments. Scanning of package LPNs triggers a process whereby ShipForce validates shipments, checks for completeness and selects the transportation mode. ShipForce updates billable weights, tracking numbers, freight costs, etc. ShipForce prints packing lists and sends e-mail notifications to customers according to your business rules.

The ship via method can be determined based on the actual items picked for the order. This incorporates both customer specific parameters and methods as well as company standards.

ShipForce uses web services to integrate shipment information with a rating application. When you send a shipment to the application, you will receive freight costs, tracking numbers, etc.

You can send all shipment-related information from ShipForce to your ERP system for invoice processing, reducing duplicate data entry and order processing times.

You can use ShipForce’s appointment scheduler to collaborate with carriers on appointments and ensure smooth dock door operations.

You can select the best mode of transport for the order based on actual picked quantities, saving in transportation costs.

ShipForce Ship stores the necessary data for you to effectively manage carriers and order processing.

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