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Designed for mid-sized multi-channel merchants, Monsoon OMS (formerly Stone Edge Order Manager) provides affordable market-leading capabilities for inventory, order and customer management, purchasing, fulfillment and shipping. Offering unsurpassed flexibility, this open solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business from simple to complex and easily integrates with your e-commerce and business ecosystems. Using Stone Edge ensures a consistent customer experience across all channels resulting in increased customer loyalty and greater efficiency.

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Monsoon Marketplace (formerly Monsoon Pro) is a comprehensive software platform designed to optimize the entire end-to-end process of selling on multiple marketplaces. Monsoon Marketplace automates tedious, day-to-day tasks such as listing, pricing, inventory management, and fulfillment, allowing online retailers to reach new consumers, operate more strategically, reduce errors, increase sales, and out-price the competition. And its robust integration capabilities with existing business systems—including POS, accounting, eCommerce platforms, and shopping carts— assures merchants can leverage their existing investments. Whether your goal is growth, increased profits, or a simpler, more efficient approach to marketplace selling, Monsoon Marketplace can help.

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  • Order and Inventory Management
    Streamline and automate your order processing and improve order accuracy from online, in-store, and call-center orders. Increase sales by improving customer service and maximizing inventory turns.
  • Customer Management
    Collect, manage, and analyze vital customer information, preferences and loyalty. This lets you streamline your purchase, order and fulfillment processes.
  • Purchasing
    Improve your operational efficiency with Monsoon Stone Edge. It helps you manage your products and inventory, synchronize stock across all channels, and automate purchasing and receiving to reduce out of stocks.
  • Order Fulfillment and Shipping
    Ship orders faster with less labor using order fulfillment and shipping capabilities. Stone Edge includes automated order routing, return and exchange processing. You'll enjoy streamlined shipping with multiple carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.

“We’ve been using Monsoon OMS to run our mail order business for years. We originally chose it for its affordability, but is has been great as it offers all the features we need to run what is now a growing multi-channel business.”

Neil Glazer


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