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Deployed on-premise or accessed from our cloud environment, Transtream automates parcel and freight transportation planning and execution for shippers of all sizes. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors use Transtream to streamline carrier rating in order entry and eCommerce shopping carts, shipment processing in warehouses and stores, shipment tracking in customer service, and returns processes. Law firms, universities, financial services companies, and other office environments use Transtream to help thousands of employees across hundreds of locations make cost-effective shipping decisions and track departmental expenditures. Pierbridge and its partners have achieved the highest certification levels for both FedEx ("Diamond") and UPS/ConnectShip ("Platinum").

Opdimizer is a cartonization technology that enables shippers to instantly determine the most cost-effective way of packing an order, taking into account SKU weights and dimensions, carton sizes, carrier dim factors, and packing rules. Opdimizer selects the best cartons to use and the best carrier services, reducing unexpected dimensional weight charges and waste. See more at

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