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Partner Since: March 2013

Platform: Mac Windows Web

Manage your warehouse painlessly using the beautiful and intuitive ShipHero SaaS. ShipHero is a web based dashboard that uses iPod Touches to pick and count your inventory.

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Maintain 100% Accurate Inventory

We manage all of your inventory, so you won't be putting inventory into your stores directly anymore. You will make updates to inventory in ShipHero and we will update all of your stores in real time with your available inventory. Cycle count your warehouse without stop shipping easily using iPod Touches.

Know Where Every Order Is At All Times

You can see the status of the order up to the moment and be able to tell customers if it has been picked and if so, what items were included in the package.

Ship Effortlessly

ShipHero is the easiest way to ship orders. There are no more paper pick tickets. You see a list of orders, with the pictures of the items and you ship what you see on the screen.

Use the Cheapest Carrier

For every shipping method in your store, you can choose a specific shipping method, say UPS Ground or you can choose a delivery target, say 2 day delivery. If you choose a target like 2 day delivery, we will seamlessly compare all the available shipping methods that you have enabled, including USPS Flat Rate and Regional Rate Boxes. We will generate and print the cheapest label that will get there in time, all without the packers having to get involved.


What do I need to use ShipHero?

The courage to try something new! Oh, you mean hardware? One iPod Touch or iPhone per packer. The ShipHero app, which is free. You can download it from iTunes or search for ShipHero in iTunes. A label printer and invoice printer. You can use just one standard printer for both labels and invoices if you want.

How long does set up take?

To set up ShipHero with Shopify and start shipping your first order takes about 20 minutes. Unless you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, then it depends on the location of the nearest Apple store.

How much does ShipHero cost?

$99 per month per user. For the first 14 days, ShipHero is totally free, you don't even have to enter your credit card.

Do I need Windows?

Nope, we work with Windows and Macs, OSX.

What platforms do you integrate with?

Shopify,Magento,eBay and Amazon. We also have an API for custom platforms. If you want to use API to integrate with ShipHero please contact us at 1-(877) 671-6011 or

I have a physical store or multiple locations, can you help me?

Yes, omni-channel and multiple location is a big part of what we do.

Can I ask you some questions about my specific needs?

Please do! Contact us at 1-(877) 671-6011 or

Want to know more about ShipHero? Watch video of ShipHero in action, and learn about the full set of features.

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