Developer Resources

Integrate USPS(R) Into Your Application

Give your customers access to great USPS(R) rates! Endicia has a number of solutions and tools that enable developers to directly integrate our award-winning products into your applications.

  • Endicia Label Server API

    The Endicia Label Server API lets you offer your customers USPS shipping without forcing end-users to install new software, change their workflow, or leave your application. Endicia Label Server also offers businesses the ability to directly integrate a customized shipping solution and take advantage of great USPS rates without installing software or changing your existing workflow.

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  • Desktop Software Integration

    Endicia's PC and Mac XML interfaces let you integrate our electronic shipping solution into your application. This integration allows USPS shipping labels to be printed from any computer.

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  • Other Web Service APIs

    Our APIs let partners and developers embed USPS(R) services into their applications and websites. These APIs provide the capability to validate addresses, sell customized postage, and more!

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