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Endicia Label Server lets you offer your customers USPS shipping without forcing end-users to install new software, change their workflow, or leave your application.

  • Increased Efficiencies

    Give your customers access to postage-paid U.S. Postal Service® labels within your application. Save them a trip to the Post Office by integrating this step of their order fulfillment process..

  • Greater Discounts and Savings

    Save up to 20% on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® postage with Endicia Label Server integration. Your customers can also save up to 63% on insurance with Endicia Parcel Insurance™.

  • Global Reach

    The Endicia Label Server integration with the U.S. Postal Service gives shippers access to more than 200 countries. Endicia's international shipping solutions enables shippers to print pre-filled, electronic customs forms and avoid costly mistakes and wasted time.

  • Free Delivery Confirmation™

    In the world of order fulfillment, Delivery Confirmation is critical to ensure customers receive their packages. With Endicia Label Server, your customers will enjoy free or discounted Delivery Confirmation with any USPS service.

  • Great for E-commerce Applications

    Any business that sells online needs to ship products. Integrating Endicia with USPS shipping into your application gives your customers extra value and saves them money. Be a one-stop e-commerce solution for your users.

  • Great for Multi-Carrier Rate Comparison

    USPS offers some of the most competitive prices and services available to shippers. Adding these options into your rate comparison application gives your customers the ability to choose the best shipping prices.

  • Great for CRM Applications

    Businesses using CRM software care about keeping in touch with their contacts. By integrating Endicia, your customers can ship to their contacts directly from your application for a complete solution.

  • Great for On-Demand Returns

    Empower your customers to process returns efficiently by integrating USPS pre-paid or Pay-on-Use Return™ labels through Endicia. End-users simply print the emailed shipping label, then mail their package back. It's easy. Plus, our partnership with Canada Post makes it simple to manage international returns from Canada.

  • USPS Tracking

    USPS Tracking is a must for any customer that ships products. It offers proof that an order was shipped and delivered. With Endicia, you get USPS Tracking for free on Priority Mail® and at a discount for other mail classes.

  • Return Shipping Label

    Make returns easy for your customers. Endicia lets you create a pre-paid or Pay-on-Use Return label that can be either physically or electronically mailed to your customer. Plus, our partnership with Canada Post makes it simple to manage international returns from Canada.

  • International Parcels

    Allow your customers to print fully integrated, USPS postage-paid international shipping labels. Endicia's international shipping solutions save time and money with electronic, pre-filled customs forms and discounts on postage rates.

  • Address Verification

    A bad address can cost a business time and money. Endicia verifies addresses against the USPS database and then automatically corrects and standardizes the address for you.

  • Stealth Postage™

    Stealth Postage helps you avoid upsetting customers by replacing the dollar amount of postage with the words "U.S. Postage and Fees Paid." Customers won’t be confused by the shipping and handling fees you charge vs. the amount you paid for postage.

  • Domestic Mail

    Endicia lets you print postage-paid labels for any single-piece domestic mail class offered at the U.S. Postal Service® retail counter, including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express®, First-Class Mail® and Media Mail®, as well as labels for military (APO/FPO) addresses.

  • SCAN Form

    The SCAN form links a day's shipments to a single barcode form that postal carriers scan when packages are picked up. When this data is uploaded into the postal system, all packages will be marked as accepted in the USPS tracking system.

  • Endicia Parcel Insurance

    Save up to 67% over USPS insurance with Endicia Parcel Insurance, while giving you and your customer peace of mind. Endicia Parcel insurance is integrated into Endicia Label Server with no monthly file transfers or extra paperwork.

  • Pure Web Service

  • Operating System Independent

  • Output formats: EPL2, ZPLII, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PDF

  • Label Server APIs:

    • Print Postage Label
    • Calculate Postage Rate
    • Buy Postage
    • Get Account Status
    • Change Pass Phrase
    • Reset Pass Phrase
    • Get Version
    • Refund Request
    • User Signup Request
    • Status Request
    • Transactions Listing Request
    • Dial-A-Zip Address Validation
    • SCAN Form Request
    • Package Pickup Request
    • Reset Suspended Account Status
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