Other APIs

Additional Application Programming Interface (API) Solutions

Our APIs let partners and developers embed USPS(R) services into their applications and websites. These APIs provide the capability to validate addresses, sell customized postage, and more!


Correct bad addresses before you ship! The Dial-A-ZIP Application Programming Interface (API) is a small set of functions that may be called by any Windows application to provide address verification and correction.

ZIP-Stations are PC's that can be a corporate or campus solution for those needing access to the ZIP+4 database for address verification of a large number of simultaneous users within their LAN, WAN or Intranet. Private access can also be provided to users via modem. IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocols are available.

View ZIP Code and Street Lookup demos »

PictureItPostage API

The PictureItPostage API provides an easy way for partners to sell customized postage stamps under their own brands. Endicia manufactures and fulfills partner orders either directly to consumers or in bulk shipment to the partner. Endicia can also manage shopping carts, credit card payments, image approval and customer service as required.

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