Integrated Partners

Mach Software

Partner Since: April 2014

Platform:  Windows

MACH Software is a full business solution that manages purchasing, order processing, inventory management, marketing, accounting, and more. We offer a fully integrated retail POS module and we are a PA-DSS certified application which will help you achieve your PCI compliance goal. With the MACH Software suite, manage all your sales-related operations collectively through one system, eliminating the need for multiple software programs.

We have clients ranging from 10-200 workstations processing 50-20,000 orders/day, with an inventory of 100- 50,000 items, 1-26 warehouse locations and 0-24 POS retail registers. The system can store millions of customer records, and the MACH Internet connectivity and integration component allows for unlimited growth We have been in the catalog/ecommerce industry for 30+ years. By combining our software with our support team's extensive knowledge/experience, we successfully deliver long-term solutions. When clients come to MACH, they stay with MACH.

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