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Online Retail Store Oznium Streamlines its Shipping Process

“I have Endicia to thank for really helping Oznium evolve.”

Phil Suslow

Owner of

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Oznium’s Need is an online retail store that specializes in light-emitting diode (LED) lighting for vehicles, homes, gaming, and entertainment. Oznium was started by Phil Suslow, a California teenage entrepreneur. As a virtual one-man operation, Suslow needed a resource that would enable him to make the shipping process more streamlined.

Endicia’s Solution

Endicia brought the post office to his desktop, so Suslow and the Oznium team can print postage with just a computer, printer, and an Internet connection. As a result, Suslow was free to focus more on growing and developing his burgeoning business.

Oznium now processes about 60 packages daily, 10x times the amount of packages he could prep and ship each day prior to using Endicia. He sends them via First Class Mail® and Priority Mail® to customers all over the world, thanks to a sophisticated, automated warehouse fulfillment system that easily integrated with the Endicia software.

Recently, Oznium upgraded its service to Endicia's API, which uses state-of-the-art XML web services and perfectly integrates into the company’s workflow, further saving time and money on domestic and international parcels. With just a few clicks of the mouse, Endicia's API produces an integrated label image, complete with postage, verified delivery/return addresses, and various service barcodes. Thanks to these and other features (e.g., discounted USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation) and Signature Confirmation™, discounted Endicia Parcel Insurance, Stealth (hidden) Postage, and pre-filled customs forms), the Oznium warehouse is a well-oiled machine.

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