Endicia Parcel Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I insure packages with Endicia Parcel Insurance™?
    When you are ready to print postage, just enter the value that you want covered and the type of insurance and your package is insured. There are no forms and no application process.
  2. Can I insure packages that are sent using First Class Mail or First Class Mail International?
    Yes. Endicia Parcel Insurance covers both domestic and international packages sent using First Class Mail, Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail.
  3. Can I insure packages shipped via a Consolidator?
    Yes. Endicia parcel insurance can be applied to domestic consolidator shipments.
  4. How do I get billed?
    Insurance costs will be billed monthly, along with your service fees, to the credit card on file for your account. You can view the list of insured items at any time from your “My Account” page. Annual service plan customers will either be billed monthly or when their billings exceed $10.00.
  5. Does Endicia Parcel Insurance cover shipping, handling and insurance costs?
    Shipping or freight charges are covered as long as the costs are included as part of the declared value. However, handling and insurance costs are excluded from the coverage.
  6. I noticed that Endicia Parcel Insurance does not cover personal goods. What are considered to be personal goods?
    In order to insure an item, a business or commercial transaction must take place between the shipper and the receiver. The invoice for this transaction is required to provide proof of value if a claim is filed. For example, a watch that you sell from your online store can be insured; however, the same watch cannot be insured if it is shipped to a family member who does not pay for it.
  7. Your policy states that a package cannot bear a descriptive label but the customs form requires a description of the contents. Are my international packages covered?
    Yes, the customs form may show a description of the contents. An item, for example, cannot be shipped in the manufacturers’ original packaging if it states the contents of the package. If an item is being shipped in its original packaging, it will need to be shipped inside of a plain box.
  8. How do I file a claim for packages that are insured with Endicia Parcel Insurance?
    Log into your online Account page, go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘File an Insurance Claim.’ Follow the instructions to submit the form online. For more information visit http://www.endicia.com/insurance/claims or contact U-PIC at EndiciaClaims@U-PIC.com or 1-866-297-4616.
  9. Who is U-PIC?
    U-PIC is an Endicia partner that manages the Endicia Parcel Insurance program, including the processing of all claims filed for Endicia Parcel Insurance.
  10. What package insurance options are available?
    Endicia offers three options for insuring packages. 1) Endicia Parcel Insurance offers competitive rates for insuring your packages against loss or damages, subject to the Insurance and Coverage Rules. 2) Alternatively, you can purchase USPS insurance. Note that Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Express International packages include limited base insurance coverage up to a certain amount, and such coverage can be increased for an additional charge, as explained by the USPS here. 3) Third-party insurance is another option for insuring packages. Contact the insurance provider directly for coverage details. NOTE: Only a single insurance carrier can be selected, and claim for the same loss made to a non-selected carrier cannot be made.

    For more information on insurance options available within Endicia products, please click here