Endicia Insurance Options

Three ways to insure your packages against loss or damage are:

  1. Endicia Parcel Insurance™
  2. USPS® Insurance (base and additional coverage) 
  3. Third-Party Insurance

You may select only one of these options to insure a package. With Endicia Parcel Insurance, the entire value of your package (in addition to shipping cost if you decide to add it) will be covered. By selecting an option, you are forfeiting coverage that may be provided by other insurers.

The following provides a quick overview of the different package insurance options:

Capabilities Endicia Parcel Insurance USPS Insurance 3rd Party Insurance

Insurance can be added when creating labels with Endicia

green check mark varies* varies*

Shipping cost can be added to insured value

green check mark red x mark varies

Claims can be filed via Endicia using pre-populated form

green check mark red x mark red x mark

Limited base coverage included in postage purchase price

 red x mark  green check mark red x mark 

For more details on Endicia Parcel Insurance, please go to www.endicia.com/insurance.
For more details on USPS Insurance, including base coverage amounts, please go to https://www.usps.com/ship/insurance-extra-services.htm.
For more details on third-party insurance, please contact the insurance providers directly.

* Third-party insurance and additional USPS insurance coverage options are not available for selection when using Endicia for Mac.