International Insurance

International Insurance

Endicia Package Insurance will save you money and time on your international USPS(R) shipments. We've taken all the features and benefits of our domestic insurance and added them to our international coverage. That means you're guaranteed insurance discounts up to 40%, top-rated coverage up to $10,000, and hassle-free, fast claims every time you ship internationally. If you're not getting all of these features and benefits with the insurance you use now, it's time to insure with Endicia.

International Insurance Discounts Up to 40%

  • With the Endicia Professional Shipper Plan, you can get up to 40% off USPS insurance rates on most mail classes. Plus, all Endicia customers are guaranteed 10% off USPS insurance rates for First Class Package International Service and Priority Mail International(R) shipments. In fact, in just over a month, the amount you save can cover your Endicia monthly service fees.

Up to $10,000 in Coverage

  • Endicia insures international shipments up to $10,000 in coverage, unlike other insurance providers who minimize their coverage to as low as $500. No more splitting up shipments for full coverage. No more assuming liability for packages over $500. Endicia has you covered.

Insurance for All USPS Mail Classes

  • While the USPS doesn't insure First Class Package International Service, Endicia does. In fact, we insure all USPS mail classes.

More Countries Covered

  • With Endicia, you can insure packages to countries not covered by USPS insurance, such as North Korea and Equatorial Guinea, to name a few.

No Special Forms Needed

  • Endicia lets you insure your overseas packages with just a few clicks. Using our software, you simply enter the value of the shipment and the costs are automatically calculated and applied to your account.

Quick, Hassle-Free Claims

  • Insurance claims are submitted and processed right through the Endicia software. All claims are processed within 7-10 business days.