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Endicia’s Auto-Refund Service™ (ARS) means you no longer need to lose money on unused shipping labels, or spend your valuable time requesting refunds from the U.S. Postal Service® for unused postage.

ARS automatically identifies shipping labels from your account that may be eligible for electronic refunds and submits a refund request to the U.S. Postal Service on your behalf.

Endicia’s Auto-Refund Service includes:

  • Automated label identification
    ARS identifies potential refund-eligible labels.
  • Automated refund requests
    ARS submits refund requests on your behalf.
  • Automated refund processing
    USPS authorized refunds are automatically deposited into your Endicia postage account.
  • Reporting
    ARS refunds are visible in the Refund Request History report on your Endicia account pages. Auto-Refund Service Fee reports show ARS fees charged.*

Accessing Auto-Refund Service:

To learn more or to activate Endicia’s Auto-Refund Service on an existing Endicia account, contact your Endicia Technical Account Manager or call Endicia Customer Support at 800-576-3279 x130.

* Endicia will charge a service fee based on the amount refunded by USPS for each refund request initiated by ARS. Only refunds processed using ARS will be charged a fee. See Endicia Terms & Conditions for more information. You may still use the manual refund process at no additional cost.


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