Marketplace Shipping Solutions

Save time and increase accuracy by shipping your eBay and Amazon orders from your PC or Mac

Endicia's direct integration with these marketplaces lets you import orders, print shipping labels and automatically post-back tracking information to eBay and Amazon.

Print USPS shipping labels for webstore orders with Endicia's direct integration to the eBay and Amazon marketplaces!

If you sell your products on eBay or Amazon*, ship between 1-5 packages per day and desire more freedom or functionality than the marketplace shipping tools provide, Endicia has the solution for you.

Endicia Premium, Endicia Professional, or Endicia for Mac:

  • Supports all USPS mail classes available to PC Postage users
  • Provides automatic discounts on qualified postage rates and tracking services
  • Imports orders and shipping information directly from the eBay and Amazon marketplaces
  • Provides automatic post-back of tracking information to eBay and Amazon marketplaces
  • Offers customized shipping labels featuring your logo or message
  • Starting at $15.95 per month

* Not available for sellers with only individual selling on Amazon accounts

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