Endicia Ship-From-Store Solution

Ship-From-Store with Endicia & the USPS® delivers
cost-effective and timely shipments to your customers

Companies with multiple storefront locations are exploring ship-from-store fulfillment for purposes of increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction and optimizing inventory management. In partnership with the U.S. Postal Service®, Endicia has developed an efficient and easy-to-use ship-from-store solution allowing retailers around the country with multiple locations to fulfill orders from stores successfully.

Problem Endicia Ship-From-Store Solution

Increasingly, retailers are looking for cost-effective ways to ship products from their retail stores in order to better serve their customers. Yet integrating shipping into brick-and-mortar operations can be a major challenge. Arranging package pickup is often complicated, and ensuring that temporary employees with little experience fulfill orders accurately can be risky.


With Endicia’s shipping software, even hourly retail employees with little training and high turnover rates can easily ship packages. The Endicia solution easily integrates into existing POS systems for production of shipping labels on demand, while also sending automatic requests for USPS package pickup. This solution ensures all packages are correctly shipped using the right service with the right rate, as well as tracked and insured if necessary. Retail store operations become more productive, manual errors decline, and less time is spent training in-store employees on how to ship-from-store.


  • Easy to use
    Minimal user training required with integration to existing POS processes
  • Reduced shipment errors
    Built-in address validation, correct rates and services and shipping labels with tracking all available at the push of a button
  • Reduced shipping time and cost
    Ship from within a customer’s zone instead of a far-away distribution center using your existing USPS or Endicia rates
  • Increased visibility
    Comprehensive reporting and tracking across all locations, as well as automated customer notifications

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of retailers stating that ship-from-store had resulted in a positive or significantly positive uplift in online revenue


of retailers stating that ship-from-store had reduced or significantly reduced their fulfillment costs


of retailers stating that ship-from-store had improved or significantly improved their customer satisfaction metrics

Source: Customer Desires Vs. Retailer Capabilities: Minding The Omni-Channel Commerce Gap, Forrester Research, 2014

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