IMpb Compliance

Take Advantage of Lower Pricing

Effective January 25, 2015 all meter mailers must meet IM®pb requirements to qualify for lower pricing –Commercial Base® rates. That means for postage meter users, your costs will be going up as retail rates will apply to packages you send.

How do I get lower rates and move away from the high costs associated with meters?

Sign up for Endicia Standard and that automatically qualifies you for Commercial Base discounted rates on packages. You will be able to print your own shipping labels and stamps for everyday mailing. At $9.95/month for the Endicia Standard plan, you can be saving 3 to 4 times compared to postage meters once you factor in ink, maintenance, and monthly costs.

FAQ on Intelligent Mail Package Barcode

Benefit from:

  • Discounted Commercial Base Pricing
  • Compliant shipping labels
  • Easy-to-use mailing and shipping software
  • Build your brand by adding your logo or message
    to your labels
  • Track your postage spend and package status online

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What is IMpb and why has it been implemented?

The Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) is the Postal Service’s next generation tracking barcode for parcels and Extra Services. The IMpb will help provide better end-to-end tracking visibility with the added benefits of automatic insurance and lower rates for IMpb compliant providers.

Want to learn more?

Here’s an IMpb FAQ guide to further explain why the change is happening and how it impacts you.

There’s even more to get you started

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