Postage Refund Policy

Postage misprints and unused mailpieces with Endicia addressed postage may be eligible for a reprint or a refund, subject to USPS rules. To reprint or refund your postage, please use the following procedures and deadlines.


Reprints—same day. If your postage fails to print or you have a printer misfeed, you should reprint the item from the postage log before midnight on the same day. This only works one time, so make sure that you "test print" your label or envelope first. 

FAQ: How do I reprint a shipping label in DAZzle or Endicia for Mac?


Electronic—within 30 days

Refund requests for domestic mail whose labels include any form of the IMpb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode representing tracking numbers which begins with a “94”) must be submitted electronically. Refund requests for international (Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, First Class Package International Service or First Class Mail International) mail using labels printed on a special integrated layout must be submitted electronically. No physical submissions are allowed. To qualify, the item must not have been scanned by the USPS and must be requested within 30 days of printing.

Physical Proof—within 60 days

If you have a domestic mailpiece that does NOT have a tracking number or an international mailpiece that was NOT printed on a special integrated layout, then the entire original mailpiece must be enclosed with your refund request form printed from our Web site. To qualify, the item must not have been in the mailstream (e.g. postmarked, stamped, returned by the USPS) and must be requested within 60 days of printing.

DYMO Stamps® and DYMO Printable Postage™

Physical Proof—within 60 days

If you have a DYMO Stamps® or DYMO Printable Postage™ stamp label printed with a postage amount, then the entire original mailpiece of the stamp label must be included with your refund request form printed from our Web site. To qualify, the item must meet the following requirements:

  • Must not have been in the mailstream (for example: postmarked, stamped, or returned by the USPS)
  • Must be requested within 60 days of printing
  • Must be printed on a genuine DYMO label or DYMO Printable Postage™ sheet (Accidental postage printed on blank paper can be accepted)
  • The account holder must be in Active status

More Information

All refund requests must be submitted from DAZzle or the Endicia Refund Request Web page. You can easily reach this page using DAZzle by selecting Refund Request... from the Postage menu, or by logging in from the Endicia Home page. This process automatically determines if your refund qualifies electronically. If your refund requires physical submission, the Web page informs you, and you must send the item to us.

For physical submissions, the entire original—the entire label, wrapper, box, or envelope including the postage indicium printed legibly, completely, and without fading or smudging—must be enclosed with your refund request form printed from our Web site. The original mailpiece must have the indicia barcode and destination address intact. Please do not cross-out or write over the indicia barcode. When an unused label is affixed to a mailpiece, the refund request must be submitted with the entire envelope or wrapper. The unused labels must NOT be removed from the mailpiece once applied. No cut-corner—label or envelope consisting only of the indicia—will be approved for refund. USPS does not allow physical proof refunds on labels that are photocopied or appear to be photocopied. Furthermore, mailpieces that have been in the mailstream (for example, postmarked, stamped, returned by the USPS) will NOT be refunded.

We will do our best to obtain the refund for you and will process your request within the guidelines required by the USPS. The refunded postage will be added to your postage balance in your Endicia account. We will send you an email message when the postage is refunded.

Warning—The filing of false, fictitious, or fraudulent refund requests for the return of U.S. postage is punishable under the criminal laws of the United States. 18 U.S.C. §1001

Use Delivery Confirmation

Our Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, and Priority Mail Express labels are a security net, because they can be refunded by electronic audit. This means you can get a refund even if your mailpiece doesn't print if you reprint the same label on the same day. Always use Delivery Confirmation – it’s free for most mail classes and only $0.23 for Package Services.

Avoid Re-using Label Sheets

A large percentage of the ineligible refund requests we receive are caused by postage printed on the used part of a label sheet. The special easy-to-peel backing on label sheets does not hold ink and the postage printed on it will not scan. If there is no Delivery Confirmation for such a label, it will not be eligible for a refund.

Consider a Dedicated Label Printer

Labels sometimes misfeed or jam in the printer, and sometimes, postage is printed from the wrong paper tray. With a dedicated thermal label printer, you avoid these problems, and you won't have to worry about your printer's ink or toner.


How do I request a refund?

From DAZzle, select Refund Request... from the Postage menu and follow the instructions.

When do I get my refund?

Items that are eligible for the Electronic or Tracking Audit refunds are refunded and credited to your postage account 14 days after the date of mailing or the day after the refund request, whichever is later. Physical Proof refunds are refunded after we process your refund requests—usually within 1-2 weeks of receipt, but no earlier than 14 days after printing.

Why did I only get part of my refund?

All refunds are processed on a per transaction basis even if submitted as a batch. Thus, each item will be refunded on the days they become eligible for refunding (see above). Sometimes you will get credit for part of your postage refund, and other parts follow a few days later. If your postage has not been credited after 14 days and we have processed your request (for Physical Proof items), it did not qualify for a refund.

Where Is the Money?

When you request a postage refund through your Endicia account, it can take up to 2 weeks for the refund to be credited to your account. When you purchase postage through Endicia, the postage funds are immediately transferred to the USPS; your postage funds are never held by Endicia. After the 2 week period, Endicia refunds your money to you. During this time, the USPS audits the refund request and reimburses us only for amounts that are eligible for a refund. If Endicia refunds postage to you that is not eligible by USPS rules, we lose that money and the cost of Endicia services increase.

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