Addendum to Endicia Terms and Conditions: Endicia Delivery Status Notification Service

Service Description

PSI Systems, Inc. (d/b/a “Endicia”) offers the Delivery Status Notification Service(tm) (“DSN”), which enables qualified Endicia customers to subscribe to a daily emailed report that includes information about each shipment for which Endicia receives the specified delivery status type from the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) during the previous day. The following terms and conditions supplement Endicia’s standard terms and conditions, and you (“Customer”) hereby agree to be additionally bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein, and any subsequent modifications, by proceeding or continuing use of the DSN service.

Notwithstanding the acceptance of these terms and conditions, Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that all original shipping label transactions are subject to all original terms and conditions under which the original transactions were printed, which can be found here: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, should anything herein conflict with any original terms and conditions, such original terms and conditions shall control and any conflict be resolved in favor of such original terms and conditions.

Delivery Status Notification Types

Customer may subscribe to receive daily emailed DSN reports for one or more of the below USPS delivery status types. Reports will be generated daily, and will include only the package detail of those shipments for which Endicia received the specified delivery status type from the USPS during the previous calendar day. Customers subscribing to more than one delivery status type will receive separate daily reports for each.

Subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion, available delivery status types include: Delivered, Delivery Exception and Delivery Failure.

Qualified Labels

The DSN service is available for select domestic USPS shipping labels that include a valid Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb), also known as a USPS Tracking barcode.

Subject to modification at any time, labels that are not eligible for DSN service, regardless of the presence of a valid IMpb, include: Pay-on-Use Returns labels, Consolidator labels, International labels, and domestic labels without an IMpb. Any questions regarding the foregoing scope of the services shall be directed to Endicia customer service, which can be found at or by calling 1-800-576-3279.

Customer acknowledges that Endicia cannot guarantee the reliability or completeness of the delivery status or other package scan event data it receives from USPS, and that the accuracy of the DSN reports are limited to the accuracy of data received from the USPS. . Possible errors in data include without limitation: that the scan event data received for subscribed delivery status types may be delayed (not received by Endicia on the day of the physical scan); scan events are not captured at the time of delivery or delivery attempt (non-existent); scan event data is not received by Endicia or that a single package could receive more than one specified scan type in a single day (package appears on more than one Endicia DSN report); or certain destinations may suffer from more frequent data errors, such as APO/FPO/DPO destinations. Customer hereby releases Endicia from any responsibility, any liability, or any causes of action arising out of or related to data errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in any report delivered to Customer under or associated with the DSN service.

Qualified Accounts

Access to DSN requires Customer to be subscribed to a qualified Endicia service plan or have a signed and valid Endicia Label Server agreement with a valid payment method on file for paying Endicia fees and an active status. Subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion, qualified service plans include Endicia Standard, Endicia Premium, Endicia for Mac, Endicia Professional, Endicia Platinum Shipper, ShipGenius and Endicia Label Server via an Endicia Integrated Partner.

The following types of Endicia accounts are not eligible for DSN, subject to modification at any time at Endicia’s sole discretion: DYMO Stamps and DYMO Stamps Online.


Customer hereby agrees to pay $2.00 per individual Delivery Status Notification type subscription or a bundled fee of $5.00 if subscribing to all three available status types (Delivered, Delivery Exception, and Delivery Failure), unless a different rate is shown on Customer’s Endicia Delivery Status Notification Service fee history report, which is accessible by logging into the customer’s Account page at Customer may opt-out of the DSN program at any time by going to the Endicia Delivery Status Notification Service page.


Customer hereby agrees that Endicia will automatically debit Customer’s payment method on file for paying Endicia DSN service fees set forth herein or subsequently agreed to. Customer can view the payment method on file, and make any changes as permitted on the Account Profile page, by logging into the customer’s Account page at

It remains Customer’s obligation to ensure the payment method and contact information are current and valid at all times. Non-payment of DSN fees will place the account into delinquent status and collections will be processed as specified in Endicia shall be entitled to disable DSN functionality at its sole discretion for any customer delinquent account.

Change in Billing, Prices, Promotions and Policies:

Endicia may change billing procedures, prices, promotions and/or policies relating to the DSN service at any time. All such changes will be emailed or otherwise communicated in writing to applicable DSN Customers.