Addendum to Endicia Terms and Conditions:
Pay-on-Use Return Shipping Labels


This document details the terms and conditions that apply to Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Returns shipping label feature, hereafter referred to as “Pay-on-Use Returns”.  This functionality enables qualified Endicia customers to print USPS return service shipping labels for which postage is paid when the label is scanned in the USPS mail stream (known as Pay-on-Use), rather than at the time the label is printed (known as pre-paid).

Customers agreeing to the terms and conditions of this addendum remain subject to all existing Endicia terms and conditions found here:


Access to Pay-on-Use Returns requires a monthly subscription to a qualified Endicia service plan or signed Endicia Label Server agreement.  Subject to modification, qualified service plans Endicia Professional, Endicia Label Server and participating Integrated Partner plans.  A $0.25 transaction fee will be charged by Endicia for each scanned Pay-on-Use Returns label in addition to the postage amount, unless a different rate is shown on Customer’s Other Endicia Fees history report, which is accessible by logging into the customer’s Account page at  Transaction fees are accumulated monthly and not billed at the time of scan.

Customers are responsible for paying for all scanned-label postage purchased through the Pay-on-Use Returns feature from their postage account.  Because postal rates may vary over time, users hereby agree that the postage amount debited from the postage account will be based on the applicable customer rate at the time the label is scanned in the USPS mail stream, not at the time the label is printed.


Endicia will automatically debit the customer’s postage account using the payment method on file for the postage value of any scanned labels upon receipt of scan data from the US Postal Service.

Customers are required to maintain a minimum balance of $200 in their postage account at all times.  In order to ensure compliance, Endicia’s Auto-Purchase program will be activated for participating customers, which will automatically fund their postage account an amount to meet the minimum if the balance drops below $200.

Transaction fees will be billed monthly using the Endicia payment method on file and are not deducted from the postage account.

Pay-on-Use Returns functionality may be disabled at any time for delinquent accounts.  It remains the customer’s obligation to ensure the payment methods and contact information are current and valid.


Pay-on-Use return labels must feature an eligible mail class for domestic packages only.  International packages are excluded from the program.

Pay-on-Use Returns label shall not be used as an original outbound shipping label. Pay-on-Use Returns functionality and, at Endicia’s sole discretion the user’s account, may be disabled immediately for accounts determined to be using the Pay-on-Use Returns labels as original outbound shipping labels.


Because charges for Pay-on-Use Returns labels are only incurred once the label is inducted and scanned into the USPS mail stream, refunds are not available for any Pay-on-Use Returns label.

Change in Billing, Prices, Promotions and Policies:

Endicia may change billing procedures, prices, promotions and/or policies relating to Pay-on-Use Returns at any time without advance notice. All such changes will be emailed or otherwise communicated in writing to applicable active account holders. Continued use of the Endicia service constitutes affirmation that the customer has read and understood such notices and agrees to the terms contained therein.


Endicia does not require any long term contracts or commitments. Users are free to terminate their service plan or disable Pay-on-Use Returns at any time.

In the event a Pay-on-Use Returns participating account is closed with Pay-on-Use return labels outstanding, any remaining balance in the customer’s postage account will be held by Endicia for 90 days after the closeout date.  The customer hereby agrees that the remaining balance may be debited during this timeframe for any applicable postage amount if any outstanding Pay-on-Use Returns label is scanned.  Any postage balance still in the account after 90 days will be refunded to the customer.

In the event a participating account disables the Pay-on-Use Returns feature with Pay-on-Use Return labels outstanding, but remains an active Endicia account, the account will remain subject to the Auto-Purchase and minimum balance requirements of this agreement for 90 days after the disable date.  After 90 days, the customer may change or disable Auto-Purchase settings, including minimum balance.  The customer hereby agrees that their postage balance may be debited during this timeframe and while the account is active beyond the 90 days for any applicable postage amount if any outstanding Pay-on-Use Returns label is scanned.