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Create Your Own Postage Amounts on Sheets

If you require postage with a unique or custom value, you can specify your own price.

For example, suppose you have a 2-pound package that you would like to send by Priority Mail. Because the package is over 1-pound, the rate depends on the ZIP codes that you are sending the package from and to. The USPS website offers assistance in calculating what the postage should be.


  1. Optionally, use the Calculate Postage feature on the USPS website to find the correct rate for your package.

    For assistance with selecting labels, see Select Labels on a Sheet.

  2. Select one or more postage labels on the sheet to which you want to apply your own postage price.
  3. Select the type of mailpiece, such as Postcard, Letter Envelope, Large Flat Envelope, and so on.

    For assistance with mailpiece types, click the Guide Me button.

  4. In the Select the postage value list, select Make Your Own.

    The Custom Postage Amount window opens.

  5. Select the Mail Class.
  6. Enter an amount.
    1. Tip: To enter an amount less than $1.00, enter 0 and then the decimal point and then the price. For example, to create a 23 cent stamp, enter 0.23
  7. Click OK.

    Your postage price appears on the selected postage labels.

  8. Highly Recommended: Test-print the sheet without wasting postage:
    1. Insert either a test sheet or a blank sheet of letter-size paper in the same tray where you would otherwise place a blank postage stamp sheet.
    2. Click the Test Print button.
    3. Examine the results for alignment, feed, and so on.
  9. To print actual postage, click the Print button.

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