Transfer DAZzle Files to Another Computer

Published 7/23/2019 7:18 PM | Updated 7/23/2019 7:19 PM

How do I transfer all my DAZzle files to and install DAZzle on a new computer?

The following Steps describe how to transfer all your DAZzle files and install the program to a new computer.

Important! For the purposes of these instructions:

  • "Old computer" refers to the computer on which you have been using DAZzle and from which you want to transfer the DAZzle setup, data, and configuration files.
  • "New computer" refers to the computer to which you want to install DAZzle using the setup, data, and configuration files from your "old computer".


  1. From DAZzle, on the old computer, select Postage > Account Setup.
  2. Select the Make Pass Phrase visible check box.
  3. Record your Account Number and Pass Phrase , which you must enter later.
  4. Close DAZzle: Select File > Exit.
  5. Locate the DAZzle folders on your old computer where DAZzle is installed.
    Normally, there are two locations:
    • Windows 7
      • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Endicia\DAZzle
      • C:\Program Files\Envelope Manager\DAZzle
  6. Copy all files ending in the following extensions.
    Note which DAZzle folder each file came from:
    • .lyt --layout files
    • .dbf --Address Book and Postage Log files
  7. Copy the following specific files:
    • labels.dat--custom settings for any labels you created.
    • envelope.dat--custom settings for any envelopes you created.
    • flyers.dat--custom settings for any flyers you created.
  8. Copy the files to the new computer.
  9. On the new computer, download and install DAZzle. Use the same installation options used on the old computer. See Where do I find the Endicia programs to install?
  10. Open DAZzle and complete the account setup wizard.
  11. Close DAZzle: Select File > Exit.
  12. Copy the files from Steps 6, 7, and 8 into the DAZzle folders on the new computer.
    When prompted; select to overwrite the newer files.
  13. Open DAZzle and perform the Printer Setup for the layouts that you use. See Configure the printer settings in DAZzle.
    The layouts, Address Book, and Postage Log from the old computer should now be on the new computer.
    Note: Going forward, the Postage Log records only what is done on the new computer.