How do I create a Certified Mail® label using Dazzle?

Published 2/21/2017 5:57 PM | Updated 2/21/2017 5:58 PM

How do I create a Certified Mail® label using Dazzle?

The following steps describe how to create a label or envelope with the Certified Mail® fee using DAZzle. You use the same layout that you use for all your domestic labels or envelopes.

Create the Certified Mail® with Dazzle

Certified Mail® is only available with First Class and Priority Mail services.
  1. In DAZzle, select your domestic label or envelope from File>Open Layout.  You can use any domestic layout (Ex: Dual Priority Mail.lyt, Click and Ship.lyt, Envelope.lyt) or create your own for printing.  Note: Click and Ship label layout and DYMO 30387 Label do not support letter (envelope) printing. 
  2. Before printing, select Postage > Options.
  3. Select the Certified Mail® tab.
  4. Select the Include Certified Mail® Fee check box.
  1. Optional: To have a confirmation postcard returned to you after the addressee receives the mail, select the Return Receipt tab and select the appropriate options (see below).
  2. Click OK.
  3. Print your envelope or label.
  4. Complete and attach the required forms before mailing.
The extra service fee(s) will be added to the postage amount on the label or envelope. If Stealth Postage was turned on, Stealth Postage is automatically turned off.  Certified Mail® and Return Receipt options will be turned off after each print and will need to be turned on any time these services are needed. 
Important! You are required to use the appropriate USPS forms:
  • Certified Mail® extra service requires a Certified Mail® label, 3800N.  You can obtain these sticker labels, for free, from USPS online store.
  • Return Receipt requires a completed Return Receipt form (form 3811), a green self-addressed postcard.  The Return Receipt forms can also be obtained from your local Post Office but not from the USPS online store.

Specify Return Receipt

You can optionally specify Return Receipt for your mailpiece.  Return Receipt can only be applied if Certified Mail®® has been selected as an extra service.

  1. Create or display your domestic label or envelope layout.
  2. From either the Design tab or the Address Book tab, select File > Print.
  3. In the Print dialog box, click the Postage Options button.
  4. In the Postage Printing Options dialog box, select the Return Receipt tab.
  1. Review the requirements on the tab.
  2. Select the Include Return Receipt Fee check box.
  3. Optional: Select the Print "Return Receipt Requested" endorsement check box, which prints above the delivery address.
  4. Click OK.
About the Return Receipt Tab
  • The PS Form 3811 (a green, self-addressed post card) is optional and costs an additional amount on top of the Certified Mail® fee. You may use Return Receipt as proof of delivery, but you can send Certified Mail® without it.
  • If you do not purchase Return Receipt, you can go to the USPS Tracking website, put in your Certified Mail® number in tracking number search box. The USPS tracking website will show you the date and time that your article was delivered, though you will not be able to see who actually signed for your mailpiece.
To use the Return Receipt service, you must:
  • Use one of the following services: Certified Mail®, COD, USPS insurance (for more than $50), or Registered Mail.
  • Complete the Return Receipt form 3811.
You can view your Certified Mail® transactions from My Account > Reports > Account Transactions > choose “Report Type” as “Certified Mail® Items” > click “Submit”

PS Forms 3800N and 3811

For Certified Mail®, USPS requires you use PS Form 3800N


Note: PS Form 3800 is not recommended for use in order to avoid confusion over multiple barcodes on your shipment.
Placement: place the sticker (form 3800N) above the delivery address and to the right of the return address, or to the left of the delivery address on parcels.

For Return Receipt, USPS requires you use Form 3811.


Write in the tracking number in the space marked “2. Article Number.” This is the 20 digit number that appears below the bar code on shipping label
Placement: form 3811 to the back of the envelope or front of the package, if there is room.