6x4" Label Formats for APO/FPO/DPO and International Parcels

Endicia pioneered integrated shipping and customs form documents for international, APO/FPO/DPO, and US Territory shipments. Life just got even easier for shippers who use the popular DYMO or Zebra four inch label printers.

For APO/FPO/DPO and US Territories we are introducing a single page 6x4” format for all mail classes. Previously, the only option was a 2 sheet 8.5 x 11” format with four distinct copies. USPS has removed the requirement for 3 of the copies on APO/FPO/DPO labels, so now you just need a single 6x4” label. Because of size limitations, the label is limited to 5 declared items. We will still offer the larger form which handles up to 30 declared items.

In DAZzle versions 11.5 or later, there is a layout named “APO and US Territory Label - Small 6x4” which can be used for APO/FPO/DPO and US Territory shipments.

APO and US Territory Label - Small 6x4

For true international shipments (e.g. France, Japan), we are pleased to offer a 6x4” label format option for all mail classes. This layout is named, “International Label — Small 6x4.lyt.”

Previously, many Priority Mail International and all Express Mail International labels needed to be the 2 up, 8.5 x 11”, 4-copy format. Now, if you have 5 or fewer items to declare, you can optionally use a set of four, 6x4” labels or a single 6x4” label based on USPS rules. So here is the new matrix of label options:

New matrix of label options

*See USPS country listings for customs form requirements.

Here are images of the first two pages (of 4, total) of the 6x4” Priority Mail International label set:

6x4” Priority Mail International label set page 1 of 4

6x4” Priority Mail International label set page 2 of 4

When using the 4 page, 6x4” label set, affix the first label to your package and place the remaining 3 pages in a plastic pouch — just as you have done with the larger form.

In our Endicia Label Server product (ELS) you can access this new form with the following XML parameters:

Endicia Label Server tags for generating one-page APOFPO labels:

  • LabelType=Domestic
  • LabelSubtype=Integrated
  • IntegratedFormType=Form2976
  • (In addition to address, service options, customs info, etc. tags)

Endicia Label Server tags for generating short-4X6 International labels:

  • LabelType=International
  • LabelSize=4X6C
  • (In addition to address, mail class, service options, customs info, etc. tags)
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