Database Integration

Endicia Professional Order Lookup

Scan the Barcode—Out Comes the Label!

Looking for a way to easily print USPS labels with postage by simply typing or scanning an order number? Endicia Professional can communicate with your database to streamline your USPS shipping.

After an order or invoice number is scanned or typed, Endicia Professional retrieves the shipping address from your database and automatically performs a ZIP+4 verification. Place the package on the scale, choose the mail class and additional services, and you'll see the shipping cost displayed. When you're ready to print the label, click Print. Endicia Professional starts DAZzle, our label and postage printing software, and within seconds a label will print, ready to stick on the package. You're ready to move on to the next order!

International Shipping

Endicia Professional can handle your international packages too. Just retrieve an international shipping address and select the mail class. When you print the label, Endicia Professional will prompt you for customs information. You can use DAZzle's integrated shipping label and customs form for Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, and First-Class International. DAZzle can also print separate customs forms for other international mail classes.

Reading Shipping Addresses from Your Database or Text File

Endicia Professional uses OLE-DB or ODBC to interface with databases and text files. Drivers are available for almost every type of database, such as MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Visual FoxPro, and more.

Endicia Professional is also compatible with many e-Commerce systems, such as Response, Retail Pro, Make-a-Store, and Mail Order Manager (MOM).

Optional Post-back of Data

Would you like to update your database with the details about the packages you've shipped? Endicia Professional can post back the postage amount, weight, mail class, USPS tracking or delivery confirmation number, postmark date, and other data. You can have Endicia Professional automatically post back the data or control it yourself in an end-of-day process. It's your choice.


The Database Integration feature is included with an Endicia Professional account, which is available for a flat fee of $34.95/month. The rates are the same no matter how much postage you purchase or print, and there are never any surcharges. Please note that Endicia's service fees and our free offers do not include postage or insurance. Users are responsible for paying for all postage and insurance purchased from their account.

System Requirements

Endicia Professional runs on Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 through Windows XP. An internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 are required. The DAZzle postage client must be installed on the same PC as Galaxy Ship.

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