Dramatically Improve Package Visibility

USPS continues to “up it's game” in the area of package visibility. As you've seen in the current USPS TV ads, as well as your own experiences, it's not uncommon to have 10+ tracking events for domestic shipments as they move from your operations to your customer's home or business.

USPS also expanded delivery event notifications for First Class International Parcels. You may have noticed that your Canadian First Class Parcels started having delivery events reported about 6 months ago. The USPS just added a dozen other destination countries. You can see a list of the countries here.

And now you will see domestic delivery events within ~15 minutes after the actual delivery! The USPS deployed mobile phone devices that work in conjunction with the carrier's hand held scanners this Spring and Summer. Before this upgrade, delivery statuses for a carrier's route were not uploaded to USPS.COM until the carrier returned to the Post Office after his/her route. So you used to have a delay of hours before you saw the delivery event. USPS is committed to improving this system even further so you'll have near-real-time delivery event reporting.

Priority Mail 2 Day Label July 2013

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