Refunding Unused Labels Just Got Easier!

One lingering problem with the USPS shipping model is that labels have a dollar value the instant they are printed. With other carriers, the labels have no value until they enter the carrier's operational stream. So, as you know full well, you need to explicitly request refunds for any labels you aren't going to use.

We are delighted to announce that USPS now allows you up to 30 days to submit your electronic refund request. Before, it was 10 days.

And we worked with USPS to fix another subtle problem with this process. For those of you who print the end-day SCAN form (a sheet of paper with a single barcode representing all of the packages you created that day), you probably noticed that if you did not submit refund requests for unused labels BEFORE you printed the SCAN form, your refund requests would be rejected by USPS. We pointed out to them that the SCAN form "event" wasn't really an appropriate event to disqualify a refund request. We lobbied hard to remove this "event" and use true operational scans as a rationale to reject a refund. It took quite a bit of work to convince USPS HQ and get this implemented, but this new logic is in place. So, you can now submit your refund requests before OR after printing the SCAN form.

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