Using Endicia Software to Insure Your Packages with U-PIC as a Third-Party Insurer


Using U-PIC as third-party insurance with Endicia software is as simple as entering the package valuation and description in the Print dialog box (see figure below). This information flows into the Postage Log and can be transmitted in summary form to U-PIC at the end of each month. If you don't want to insure a given package, simply leave the valuation as $0.00.

When using U-PIC as your third party insurer, be sure you don't add an insurance fee to the indicium via the Postage Options button. That is only done if you are using USPS insurance.

With U-PIC, there are no forms to fill out, no special labels to affix, and no trips to the Post Office!

entering the package valuation and description in the Print dialog box

Monthly Reports & Invoicing

Print dialog boxAt the end of each month, access your postage log from the postage log tab. Simply select reports from the Action Menu and, you will then see the Print Postage Log dialog shown to the right.

If you want a printed, hard-copy report of the insured transactions for your own use, select the Insurance/Value Report option.

There several ways you can pay your U-PIC bill at the end of each month. The best way is to simply print the Insurance-Value Report locally. If you check the "Totals Only" option, you will essentially print a one page invoice for your insurance use. You can then mail that invoice, along with a check, to U-PIC. (You need not transmit your log electronically in this scenario -- it will only be needed in the event of a claim.)

If you wish to pay via PayPal, you print out the invoice locally and compute the total amount due. Send U-PIC a payment in that amount via PayPal. Finally, select "Transmit U-PIC Report Data" for the same date range so that your detailed log is transmitted to U-PIC.

Finally, if you don't want to compute the amount due yourself, you can simply "Transmit U-PIC Report Data" for the date range. U-PIC will compute the invoice for you and notify you of the total due. You may then pay via check or PayPal.

Though this article only applies to U-PIC, Endicia uses multiple third-party insurers. You can check which third-party insurer you have in the most recent Insurance Agreement you've accepted.

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