Using Endicia Parcel Insurance in DAZzle


Endicia Parcel Insurance™ is one of three insurance options offered in the DAZzle software and is by far the easiest to use. You don’t need any additional sign-up—just an active Endicia postage account. Claims are handled by the USPS-sanctioned U-PIC insurance agency.

Insuring a Package

When you are about to print, the Print dialog box will look like this:

Print dialog box

In the Insurance field, select Endicia Parcel Insurance. You must enter the value of the shipment (note that the Endicia Parcel Insurance fee will be shown after you enter the value). Enter a description of the goods, and optionally, you can enter a reference ID (e.g. auction or order number) and group code (you can define your own codes).


Endicia will bill you on a monthly basis for the cumulative insurance fees. The credit card you have on file with your account will be charged, and an email showing the details of that charge will be sent to you. If you are on a monthly billing cycle for your Endicia service, the credit card charge will be the sum total of your service fee plus the insurance fees.

More Information

You can find more details on such things as claim procedures here:

An overview of the three types of insurance we offer through the DAZzle client is shown here:

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