Verify Any Domestic Address You Enter

One of the most powerful features in Endicia’s DAZzle software is its ability to verify any domestic address you enter. This means that you can avoid packages with incomplete addresses being returned to you.

What this document covers:

  • Setting up DAZzle to use our Dial-A-ZIP address verification service.
  • Double checking addresses that are not completely confirmed in DAZzle.

You can set the level of corrections that DAZzle will do to an address by:

  • In the File menu, selecting “Preferences”.
  • Clicking on the “Address Verification” tab.
  • Under “Method”, select “Dial-A-Zip”. Under Address, you can select which server you want to access to verify the address. NOTE: We recommend selecting, as this server is dedicated to address verification only.
  • Under “Update Options”, you can select either “Standardize Address” (which formats the entire address to USPS specifications) or “Add only ZIP+4 to address”.

Preferences & Options dialogbox

Verifying an address is a rather simple process — just enter the address in DAZzle. You don’t even need to enter a complete address! Just see the image below:

Edit Main Address dialog box

In this case, the Endicia address verification system will add the zip code to this address — or it will add the city and state, if you entered the ZIP code.

You may get a message if you enter an address for an office building, or apartment complex. In the example below, you will see a different ZIP+4 for four groups of apartment numbers. You’ll need to select the option that is correct for your customer.

Dial-A-ZIP Multiple Match Options

For office buildings, the company name MAY be shown. Otherwise, you should confirm the address with your customer.

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