November 2016 Newsletter

Branding your business with Endicia shipping labels

Whether you have an established e-commerce business or you’re just starting out, it’s important to find ways to maximize your brand presence and connect with your customers.

There are lots of ways to develop and promote your company’s brand, including:

  • creating a memorable narrative that tells a story about your product or service
  • writing a blog or newsletter that provides information and tips that are useful to your audience
  • having a distinctive and memorable logo

Speaking of your logo, one great way to build your brand is to place your logo where your customers and prospects will see it. You need to take care about the placement of your logo and put it where they will be able to associate it with what you do--think about tradeshows, banner ads on industry sites, business cards and stationary.

And, don’t forget about your shipping label! It’s the PERFECT place to showcase your logo and differentiate your brand. Your Endicia software makes it easy to include a logo, or message, on all of your shipping labels, giving you one more place to easily and inexpensively build brand recognition.

To see how easy it is to add your logo to an Endicia shipping label using DAZzle, watch this video.

Endicia Label Server users – now you can add a logo, message or QR code to your shipping labels too! We’ve put together a short tutorial to show you how.

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