March 2017 Newsletter

Using Certified Mail

Package with Certified Mail labelCertified Mail® is a special service offered by the U.S. Postal Service that provides proof of delivery or attempted delivery for First Class Mail® or Priority Mail® services. There is a fee, above the cost of the postage, for using Certified Mail. The current cost is $3.35.

When using Certified Mail, the USPS requires use of PS Form 3800-N in addition to a pre-paid, IMpb (Intelligent Mail package barcode) shipping label. PS Form 3800-N is a color-coded green, non-barcoded label. You can order Label 3800-N Certified Mail Label from the Postal Service.

Certified Mail label PS Form 3800-N
Certified Mail label PS Form 3800-N

Note: Do not use PS Form 3800 with Endicia shipping labels because Form 3800 also contains a barcode. Using multiple barcodes on a single mailpiece is not recommended because it can cause confusion.

If you want to receive a copy of the recepient’s signature in addition to proof of delivery, you must use the USPS Return Receipt service combined with Certified Mail. With Return Receipt service you can get a copy of the recipients signature via mail or email. The current cost for Return Receipt is $2.75 for mail receipt and $1.45 for an email receipt.

For instructions on how to create a Certified Mail label using Endicia Standard or Endicia Premium, visit Endicia’s How do I create a Certified Mail label using DAZzle FAQ page.

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