BACtrack Breathes Easy with Endicia and Atandra in Place

“Our order fulfillment is a breeze, and we have Endicia and Atandra to thank for that. With Endicia’s shipping labels and Atandra’s order management, we’ve been able to make the fulfillment process turnkey.”

Pauline Basaran

Vice President of Operations, KHN Solutions

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BACtrack’s Ultimate Operational Goal

Founded in Keith Nothacker’s tiny dorm room in 2001, KHN Solutions is a one-stop shop for all types of breathalyzers via its BACtrack brand. The goal? To put breathalyzers into the hands of consumers to help them make informed health decisions.

In the past 14 years, BACtrack’s product offerings have grown from keychains to professional-quality breathalyzers to solutions that integrate with the Apple Watch. Similarly, BACtrack’s sales channels have expanded from its website to Amazon, eBay and brick-and-mortar retail locations, like Costco and Walgreens.

With so many channels to sell through, automation is a key factor in BACtrack’s operational success. Or as Pauline Basaran, vice president of Operations, says: “I want my team to spend as little time as possible clicking through the order fulfillment process. The more hands-off we can be with fulfillment, the more time we can spend doing other important tasks.”

When it came time to look for a shipping solution, Pauline needed something that was not only automated, but that could also integrate with the business software she already had in place — Atandra’s T-HUB. That way, Pauline could review all aspects of BACtrack’s business — accounting, inventory and shipping — in one central place.

Endicia Brings Automation to Shipping

Endicia’s easy integration with Atandra’s T-HUB, plus its efficiency in processing USPS shipments, prompted Pauline to sign up for Endicia.

With Endicia, BACtrack receives instant access to affordable shipping rates with the U.S. Postal Service, which helps BACtrack manage the cost of free shipping for its U.S.-based customers.

BACtrack ships roughly 60 percent of its total package volume via the USPS. Endicia automatically prints the USPS shipping label and outputs tracking details into T-HUB so that order details can be found and reviewed in one central platform.

Endicia also supports BACtrack’s international shipments, which make up roughly 7 percent of its revenue. Endicia selects the correct customs form and prefills details so that BACtrack can effortlessly reach customers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe. As Pauline says, “Shipping internationally is as straightforward as shipping domestically with Endicia.”

Pauline also appreciates Endicia’s ability to scale, and she doesn’t bat an eye when website traffic triples over the holiday season or during promotional periods. “It’s just as easy to print 50 labels as it is to print 150 labels,” said Pauline. “With Endicia and Atandra in place, we have a much more enjoyable holiday selling season overall.”

Endicia and Atandra’s Partnership

More than eight years ago, Atandra started to support the operations side of retail. Driven to meet the needs of its customers, Atandra has evolved into a complete order management solution for ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

When Atandra customers began requesting shipping options early on, President Manish Jha turned to Endicia for support. Now Atandra’s customers can effortlessly print USPS shipping labels and coordinate tracking information with Endicia’s help.

Partners like Endicia allow Atandra to collect accounting, shipping and inventory information in one central place (T-HUB), making it easier for businesses to operate. 

For Manish, Atandra’s partnership with Endicia does more than print shipping labels — it provides customers with cost-effective solutions. “Above all, we want to help our clients become profitable,” said Manish. “Atandra and Endicia’s services help customers reduce costs by streamlining operations and identifying affordable shipping options.”

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