Bling Dental Products Fulfills Sporadic and International Shipments with Endicia

“Bling Dental Products sees rapid spikes in national and international orders through our partnerships with deal-of-the-day websites like LivingSocial and Groupon. I can always rely on Endicia to effortlessly meet these shifting demands.”

Troy Lakey

Director of Operations

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Bling Dental Products

Bling Dental Products’ Shipping Need 

After successfully establishing a high-end dental spa, Dr. Raymond Frye decided to expand his services by offering teeth-whitening kits shipped directly to customers’ doors. This — in a nutshell — is how Bling Dental Products began.

The venture started small with employees packaging teeth whitening kits in their living room, printing shipping labels from Word and Excel to fulfill the roughly 30 orders received per day. But with a swiftly growing client base and a product line that kept expanding to include ultrasonic toothbrushes and other dental and beauty products, it soon became clear that Bling Dental Products was here to stay.

The company soon partnered with LivingSocial and Groupon to increase product promotion and its customer-base. As a result, sales would spike to 600-1200 per day with each promotion. Additionally, these partnerships vastly increased Bling Dental Products’ international reach, with more than 15-20 percent of its total business conducted in markets abroad, such as in Canada and Australia.

With an expanding international market and with so many sporadic spikes in sales, Bling Dental Products needed a shipping service that would effortlessly accommodate its influxes, automate the international shipping process and serve as a reliable means of meeting customer demand.

Endicia’s Solution

Troy Lakey, director of Operations of Bling Dental Products, chose to switch over to Endicia to streamline its shipping services and satisfy its increasing shipping needs. And after graduating from a living room to a fully-fledged warehouse and call-center, Bling Dental Products has never looked back.

Endicia assists Bling Dental Products in fulfilling its regular 200-400 orders per day during non-promotional periods. And though promotions often run without warning, Endicia’s scalability allows Bling Dental to rest assured that the sudden increases, both domestically and internationally, will be met and addressed without a hiccup, Endicia’s value-add is especially felt with global shipping, an area evoking fear in most small businesses. Its automated customs forms and address verification takes the guesswork out of shipping abroad and helps keep Bling Dental’s team in-step with international shipping policies.

In addition to streamlining shipping and automating order influxes, Bling Dental Products also appreciates Endicia’s responsive customer service team. As Lakey says, “Not only has Endicia’s services increased the speed, accuracy and efficiency of our shipping, all four customer service representatives I’ve worked with have been incredibly helpful, energetic and knowledgeable in helping us achieve maximum success.”

With Endicia’s quick and easy automation, Lakey can spend less time printing labels and more time adding “bling bling” to Bling Dental’s products.

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