Uses Endicia and Early Impact’s ProductCart Software to save Time and Money

“Using Early Impact’s ProductCart software with Endicia just makes sense. We save money using Endicia and the USPS. ProductCart is one simple solution that allows us to manage our inventory, process payments and also handle our accounting requirements.”

Tony Evans


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Tony Evans started as a way to provide products like the American Visco Cannon Fuse to customers all over the United States. As orders came in, Tony would pack and seal outgoing shipments. Tony would then bring all of his packages directly to the Post Office™, wait in line, and then have the desk attendant assist him with printing shipping labels. While the Post Office was only a block or two away from the office, the process was too manual and tedious. As sales continued to grow, it was not long before Tony needed to focus 100% of his time on needed a solution that could reduce manual entry and enable his employees to prepare more shipments in less time.

ProductCart and Endicia’s Solution

With the increase in sales and product offerings, turned to Early Impact’s ProductCart software, integrated with Endicia technology. On a recommendation from his web designer, Tony researched ProductCart, created by Early Impact. Product Cart is a PA-DSS validated shopping cart software for all types of ecommerce storefronts. Used by thousands of businesses, ProductCart provides customers with easy integration to their website, time-saving features to manage their storefront, and support for over 35 payment systems. ProductCart also supports private carrier shipping and USPS® shipping through Endicia. The seamless integration to Endicia’s technology was an instant hit for Tony.

Most inventory is sold directly from the website, with less than 1% being sold on eBay. Tony estimates that he saves over $.60 on each package he ships with the USPS, saving over $8,000 a year. While he still takes daily trips to the Post Office, Tony simply drops his packages off with a pre-paid shipping label already attached to the box. There is no waiting in line for a desk attendant to help with printing shipping labels; packages are ready to be inducted into the mail stream at drop-off. Tony estimates that his business alone accounts for more than 50% of the annual revenue of his local Post Office. On a typical day, processes 20 packages a day, but as amateur pyrotechnics gear up for the July 4th holiday, the number is closer to 200 packages a day. It’s during this time that Tony can’t afford any inventory, integration, payment, or shipping errors. ProductCart, with Endicia technology, has proved completely reliable and stable and invaluable for his business. The ProductCart and Endicia solution is invaluable to and Tony does not know where his business would be without it.

Tony Evans anticipates adding more items to his and growing sales while still providing exceptional customer service to his customers. To learn more, visit


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