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“With Endicia, everything is easy — the software does everything for me.”

Madam Cat Faerie

Owner of Cat Faeries

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Cat Faeries Shipping Need 

In business since 1993 and based in California, Cat Faeries began by selling wheat grass seed and other products through a small, photocopied cat-alog distributed by mail. Madam Cat Faerie would take orders by phone, box them, determine the weight and ship them using a private shipping company. Cat Faeries experienced instant success — with half of the original catalog mailing generating orders — and the launch of www.catfaeries.com, under the guidance of Mr. Cat Faerie, opened the company’s doors to business nationwide. But while the Internet offered new opportunities, the increase in orders ushered in a herd of challenges for Cat Faeries, including significant operational deficiencies in order fulfillment.

Endicia’s Solution

Cat Faeries became an Endicia customer on July 29, 2004. Some 66,000 shipments later, Endicia remains an integral part of Cat Faeries business operations. In a typical month, Cat Faeries ships 800 to 1,000 packages — all exclusively via the USPS. Aside from being easy-to-use, the Endicia product Cat Faeries uses is a flexible solution that enables the processing of shipments one order at a time or in a batch. For Madam Cat Faerie, the ability to process and print each label individually is appealing, and she relishes the productivity gains she’s achieved now that she rarely has to weigh a package due to the range of shipping products offered by the Postal Service. Additional Endicia features like stealth printing, which allows for postage cost to be hidden instead of printed on labels, and address verification, which automatically flags data that does not constitute a legitimate Postal Service address before a label is printed, have also proven to be business-critical for Cat Faeries by helping to control costs. Given her busy schedule, the fact that Endicia eliminates time-consuming, costly daily trips to the Post Office™ is an essential feature for Madam Cat Faerie. Instead, each day, the USPS picks up all Cat Faeries packages from her home.

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