Chess House Saves Thousands of Dollars per Year

“Endicia has created greater efficiency for us and our customers, saving us several hours per week, which equates to thousands of dollars per year. Moreover, the effectiveness of address validation has practically eliminated returned packages, and the ease of processing international orders has truly made us global.”

Raphael Neff

Owner of Chess House

Chess House
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Chess House

Chess House's Need

Established in 1972, the Chess House markets chess sets, equipment, and educational supplies to individuals and schools worldwide. It promotes chess in education and provides resources to help schools and chess clubs as chess instruction becomes a part of their school programs. The Chess House even caters to non-chess players, selling decorative and unique chess sets, which make for beautiful display pieces.

Chess House began as a small mail-order business in Kansas City, Kansas. However, after being sold to the Neff brothers in 1994, Chess House grew to become a vibrant international business by expanding to Internet sales. With its rapid growth, Chess House needed a shipping solution to help them achieve greater efficiency and continue to grow internationally.

Endicia's Solution

An Endicia customer since May 2003, the Chess House ships about 30 packages per day during its slow season and from 60 to 100 packages per day during the holiday season. About 40% of the packages ship via the U.S. Postal Service®.

Endicia integrates so smoothly into the Chess House’s workflow that it takes only 40 to 50 seconds from the time a new customer places an order until the package is in the outgoing bin. Even international orders take no more than two minutes to fulfill, including the customs forms. Such efficiency is due to several factors: The ability of customers to easily choose their preferred shipping service based on their location and their order, the use of U.S. Postal Service® resources and the Chess House’s own packaging techniques, Endicia’s address verification and correction, and the elimination of visiting the post office as everything is done through Endicia.

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