Endicia Allows Goja to Keep Up with Tripling Growth Year over Year

“We’ve grown to about 600,000 packages in 2013 and estimate we’ll ship over 1.5 million next year. With Endicia, we know we have the resources and support we need to keep up with our staggering growth.”

Walter Gonzalez, Jr.

President of Goja

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Goja’s Shipping Need

Goja, LLC offers photography and camera supplies to its customers across the globe via storefronts on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Since its founding in 2009, the Miami-based e-tailer has offered free shipping to its customers and has grown by an average of 200% year-over-year. In looking for a shipping solution, Goja needed something that could keep pace, not only with its high volume of shipments (ranging from 30,000 — 35,000 a month in the off season and 100,000 a month during the holidays), but also with its seasonal increases and unprecedented annual growth. They wanted a solution that would be reliable, intuitive and accessible to its support staff based in South America.

Endicia's Solution

Goja found the answer to its shipping needs in Endicia.

With Endicia, Goja is able to keep up with regular order influxes of 250% during the holiday season and 800% on Cyber Monday alone. By integrating with one of Endicia's many integrated partners, Goja is able to sell and ship products across multiple marketplaces so that customers can find them wherever they shop most.

Goja ships almost exclusively through the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS), offering First Class Mail, Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail International® services on its shipments. The company also relies on Endicia for its ease in international shipping, which accounts for roughly 10% to 20% of Goja’s business.

Most importantly, Goja appreciates Endicia for its stellar customer support. When Goja’s business first started to take off, Endicia evaluated all of its printers, providing capacity recommendations to streamline the label printing process. Endicia also offered hardware and software suggestions to help Goja save money during its expansion. As Goja President Walter Gonzalez says, “Endicia’s biggest value-add for our business is its stellar support team, which is more like an extension of our internal team.”

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